Eartha Karr
created by Blake More

A 1978 Mercedes 300CD running on Bio diesel, a non-toxic, biodegradable, carbon neutral fuel made from recycled vegetable oil
(click here for more info on biodiesel)

hood and roof
hood @ night
birds view
biodiesel carbon neutralizer of recyclable life
oh look at her, she wants to go
tree of life, poem snakes biting each other
passenger in eden
passenger's side
driver's side
honey moon goddess
mountaintop dragon
copper wheels & swallows
odd fliers
argh it's a pirate moth
snake butterfly eagle moon flower goddess
ohhhh a snake




Eartha Karr...inside



Eartha Karr...bumpers

to breathe or not...
 long island clam shells & glass beach together at last
read wild!
a skull candle holder...for a museum show



why biodiesel?

· Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel---Consider these statistics from the National Ecology Center: 56.3% less hydrocarbons, 43.2% less carbon monoxide, 55.4% less particulate matter, 78.3% less carbon dioxide, 85% reduction in particulates and 100% elimination of sulfur emissions. It is no wonder biodiesel was the first alternative fuel to successfully make it through the Tier I emissions test requirements of the Clean Air Act.

· Biodiesel is made primarily from renewable, not fossil fuel, sources---Its main ingredient is vegetable oil, either from virgin or post-consumer sources.

· Biodiesel is non-toxic---It biodegrades in water, has a carbon neutral cycle (which means biodiesel exhaust pipes cannot put out more carbon than plants breathe to make the fuel), and 90% less cancer causing agents. Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel to have completed the health effects testing requirements (Tier II) of the Clean Air Act. Studies show that biodiesel poses little or no health risk to humans.

· Biodiesel is registered with the EPA and meets clean diesel standards set by CARB

· Biodiesel is compatible with existing fueling infrastructure---This is to say, that if you are on the road and no biodiesel is available, you can fill up with com
mercial grade diesel with no harm to your engine; you can switch back and forth between biodiesel and commercial diesel.

· Biodiesel performs---Horsepower, fuel consumption, torque and hauling rates test similar to #2 Diesel, and because of its high lubricity, biodiesel significantly decreases stress on engines.

· Biodiesel conversion won’t affect most engine manufacture warranties---This includes Ford, Dodge and International engines.

· Biodiesel conversion is easy---Just fill up your tank. In the first few months, you’ll have to change your car’s fuel filter three or four times. This is because biodiesel flushes out the gunk and impurities in the fuel system (which is better for your car in the long run). The only caveat is that if you have a diesel car from the early to mid 90s, you must watch your hoses. Depending upon the biodiesel brew, trace amounts of methanol can show up in the fuel; methanol eats rubber components manufactured during this period, which means hoses must be replaced when and if they go bad.

· Biodiesel is made in America---Balance of trade is a driving issue in this country. Our biggest import is oil. What big ticket item do we mostly export to keep our trade deficit in check? You got it, costly war toys¾arms, munitions, tanks, weapons of mass destruction. Biodiesel is a vote for peace.

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