Watch Blake's Beaver Dance, from the Independent Revue, a video

Watch Sushi Me, a video

Watch Pandora's Chest of Square Cut Diamonds, a video

Watch - Bush is not my President, a video

Watch Honey Moon, a poem video

Watch Stars & Yantra Pedals, a creation poem

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Here Kitty Kitty, cat nip silly

Dangling Particple

Performed at Xain in Berkeley (in between courses of quail egg soufflé and buffalo medallions), Dangling Participle was exactly as it sounds...a dreamlike, other worldly, word geeky, trapezey, contorty sexy sci fi romp...okay, dangling participle doesn't conjure up these words, though the spoken word (pre-recorded as audio) was peppered with those dreaded misplaced modifiers.   To clarify, the performance was a mix of spoken word, music, dance and dangling contortion, all   around and on Michael Christian's Cellbod
(be sure and run your curser over the small pictures to see them larger)...

which the boys rigged with a static trapeze bar about 15 feet up the top.   Hopefully I will add pictures of the performance in action, as, per usual, I neglected to bring my own camera, so now I'm hunting for an image.   I know it is out there, and if you have any leads, email me!


420 Cabaret


RIGHT GOD is a new product designed to keep you faithfull.  Presented by the Right Reverand Willy Rumpfelt and Sister Molly Ester.

first performed at the Odd Fellows Caberet in Point Arena, CA
and at Dragon's Breath Theater in Anchor Bay, CA

Be Our Guest
RCMS Fundraiser, Feb 17, 2007
featuring Amanda Amazon, Ginger Snatch, the Amazettes
with special guest stars the Naughty Nurse & Dreamy Doctor

Poetry & Jazz at CITYART Gallery
Whale & Jazz Festival website
Blake More event organizor/performer/MC
featuring Michael Warr & ruth weiss
with Janet DeBar, Michael Lopeteki, Lynn Stoller, Scott Meltsner & Blake More

event pictures

Poetry & Jazz 2006

featuring Ronald Sauer, Rebecca Peters & QR Hand
(with blake more, Janet DeBar, Leo Barton, Fionna Perkins & Steve Hellman)

Love is Bad Haiku
from the Flying Haiku

something is stirring
your hand under the covers
ohhhh its a sheet ghost

watch a quicktime movie of:
sheet ghost
wet nose

PUPAE IN AUTO SPACE is a fetal utopian space adventure written and performed by Blake More & Chris Campbell, and accompanied by Chuck Henderson on Kaleidica, a performance light tool he created
(for more info go to 

first performed at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, SF
and at Dragon's Breath Theater in Anchor Bay, CA





Rockette Man

Rockette Man written and performed by Blake More & Chris Campbell with editing and voiceover by Pete Goldie

This week on the White House couch,
George finally reveals his deepest secret and there's nothing
his therapist can do to stop him. Stay tuned.

(pictures taken by Deborah Bevilaqua on July 12, 2004 at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco)


Social, political satire, My Bush Hurts is a spoken word, dance & puppetry performance created to take back the "bush"...reclaim our woman parts for more humanitarian causes. Pictures above taken at CBGBs Gallery in NYC.





a live performance feeding in a bedouin tent in the desert... 16 people and two geisha, including
a japanese orgasim...very raw

pictures & poem




# 67 Artists' Journeys: Blake More frolics cross-country with the Doggy Diner.
The music of Halim el-Dabh spans European concert halls and African villages.
And Cameron & Kristina sing on the streets of Baghdad nine days after the bombing.

(syndicated radio show, 55 minutes)



full length, multimedia play re-examining the Pandora myth through the eyes of family, hollywood, politics, and metaphysics, performed at the Arena Theater

poster & overview


So spoke Hesiod, circa 7th Century B.C. (a historical paraphrase)


video sample

box cult: a method acting experiement (by cybirk)



spoken word/trapeze/dance/video performance
at Mother's Nine Warehouse in Oakland &
at the center cafe in Black Rock City


audio only

text & audio

cybirk video short






Here ye, here ye, all fair constituters of court culture...Hayes Valley Street Performance
in conjunction with Dan Das Mann's art openning
at the Micaela Gallery, SF



Laughing Squid Bus Tour

(click for pictures/details/links)



multimedia parody of the mendocino fiberoptic cable wars, performed at the Laughing Squid Benefit at the Great American Music Hall in SF


cybirk video (set to the song "Out Where the West Begins" by b more)






Burning Man 2000 performance inspired by Dan Das Mann's Faces of Man...a multimedia performance which incorporated sculpture, live music,
video, firedancers, and spoken word





Co-written with Laura Pyle (with astounding editorial fine tuning by Michael Sullivan), this 30 minute commedia del arte inspired sci-fi musical is the culminating effort of a two month summer workshop with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. It was performed in the early Fall of 2001 at the Mime Troupe Warehouse on Treat Street in San Francisco and at the Dragon's Breath Outdoor Theater in Anchor Bay California.







Birth Right Benefit

Live theater, a silent auction, and the afro-cuban rhythms of Pura Vida hit the coast on Saturday, December 8th at 7pm. Called the Birth Right Benefit, the show is a fund raiser for midwifery in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Under the direction of Michael Lopatecki, local performers have created a piece that highlights some moments in the journey from girl meets boy to woman gives birth. Hilarious, touching and provocative it's one of those only-in-Point Arena shows you don't want to miss...check out a mini
virtual tour of what I did by clicking Conceive Me...

Text and audio from spoken word/dance/comedy piece written for the Birth Right Benefit
at the Arena Theater, December 2001

text & audio



Illumiere...the beginning

This Artists Aboveground night nuzzles itself into its new integrated Performance environment @ Café Du Nord! Candle-lit lounge tables, glowing lights and throbbing music will accompany Artists from different disciplines and styles as they converge to create a unified performance experience woven together by our nightly theme. Come Together. Dance. Love One Another. Change the World. Tonight's Theme: A New Era of Art & Consciousness Dress Code: Come as your inner light, the new definition of Art. Visible auras. Glowing Wigs... or anything inspiring or covered in love and creativity.


Vagina Monologues



Vagina Salon



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